Space Clearing

Space Clearing is the ancient art of shifting the unseen energy body of a space. In modern day language it is often described as clearing the invisible clutter.

This can be thought of as the energetic equivalent of redecorating and remodeling a home to make it your own. Buildings, as well as the land they sit on, hold the energetic signature of previous owners and occupants. The energy often needs to be freshened and recalibrated to be in resonance with the new owners.

When is a Space Clearing needed?

  • Prior to moving into a new property, either for home or business
  • If you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your life
  • Any time things feel like you are walking into a wall that isn't there
  • Some type of trauma or serious health challenge has occurred
  • After any remodeling of the interior or exterior

Bird of Paradise

The ultimate purpose of any Space Clearing is to infuse your space with fresh new energy and your own personal energetic signature.

The home or property needs to be given a good physical cleaning before a Space Clearing is performed. This helps the more etheric work of the process to have an even greater effect. Just as you would clutter clear a room before spring cleaning it, likewise you need to physically clean before an energetic clearing is performed.

Space Clearing can take many forms depending on the tradition being followed. Donna's training is multi-cultural and multi-dimensional, meaning she has studied and been trained in many energetic modalities which enables her to design and call upon the clearing that best fits each individual client's needs.

There is nothing you need to “believe in” for the energetic memories held in the space to be cleared. All that is necessary is an open heart and mind.

During Donna's visit a sacred ceremony is performed using musical instruments such as bells, drums and rattles. Other common tools include incense such as juniper, and sage for smudging, and essential oils for clarifying the air upon completion.

By working with the musical resonance of these tools one can literally cause a shift in the building's energetic template which cleans the atmosphere of any unwanted or lower vibrational energies.

Space Clearing work can also be done by Donna remotely.

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Donna Thompson  
A home that has been cleansed and blessed becomes somewhere you feel safe enough to be yourself...a sanctuary of sacred space that nurtures the soul.
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