Healing Interiors is for people seeking multi-faceted re-energizing. It is a unique holistic approach to co-creating environments for their interior spaces. which are beautiful, inspiring and supportive.

Donna Thompson is the innovator of Healing Interiors. She is the noted artist, teacher and visionary author of Collage Quest.

The focus of this work is three-fold:

To assist with the physical flow of the spaces you inhabit.
To provide Guidance regarding the energetic aspects of your personal well being.
To encourage you to reconnect more fully to your innate creativity.

Healing Interiors techniques are ancient and cutting edge, instinctive and practical, healthy and delicious. Most of all they are empowering!

When the physical structures around you truly reflect who you as a unique and creative individual, your life begins to unfold in passionate, powerful and synchronistic ways.

Collage Quest, the book, is here!

Collage Quest cover

Hear Denise Iwaniw interview Donna on the February 2, 2016 edition of the Star Nations Magazine Hour, discussing how Collage Quest came into being:

Sacred Space Collage Card

Healing Interiors Logo

Healing Interiors Philosophy

  • Peace on Earth begins at Home
  • Everything is sacred
  • All of creation is composed of energy or Chi
  • Chi balanced = Harmony, Health & Happiness
  • Energy flows to where Intention goes