Celtic Harp

Creativity Reconnection is a colorful, empowering and fun method of expressing yourself within your living and working environments. It is also an inspiring process for re-envisioning your life.

It is based upon the principals of feng shui, color healing, and co-creation. Other holistic modalities incorporated often include aromatherapy, space clearing, four elements and lifestyle coaching.

Co-Creating Space with Color, Heart & Flow means we work together in your home, office or over the phone to discover the truth of who you are as a unique individual with very personal tastes.

  • What area are you seeking help in to heal in your space?
  • Where is your life and/or space uncomfortable for you to be in?
  • Where is your life stuck or not flowing?
  • What are your creative outlets?
  • What colors make your heart sing?
  • How can your physical environment better support you with your mission?
  • What are your life goals?

We all know that the quality of air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink affects our health. Yet we often forget how influential our surroundings are as well. The colors of our homes both interior and exterior, the amount of natural sunlight we get, the art on our walls, and all the objects in our surroundings impact the health of our bodies physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Creativity Reconnection, like life, is a co-creative process. It involves working harmoniously with not only our fellow human beings but also all of Nature as well as the unseen forces which go by many names- Spirit, God, Guidance...

There is a powerful truth recorded in all the ancient wisdom traditions and that now has finally been proven true by modern science Energy follows thought.

By reading and directing the flow of energy in your space and in your life as a whole, we will create an environment that clarifies, supports and magnifies your intentions.

Dancing With Color

What can Creativity Reconnection do for you?

  • Awaken long forgotten creativity.
  • Inspire growth, change and new experiences.
  • Balance energy levels.
  • Build intimacy in relationships.
  • Enhance motivation and revitalize personal energy levels.
  • Boost the immune system.
  • Encourage release of all types of clutter.
  • Bring clarity and harmony home to rest.
  • Create spacious feelings of flow, harmony and peace.

a warm hearth
Your creativity is like your blood...
Creativity is a fact of your spiritual body
and nothing you must invent.

Julia Cameron
The Artist's Way