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Using images, colors, papers, glue and scissors we will explore the Collage Quest modality of tapping into your own personal Guidance for help and inspiration. It's not about thinking or designing as much as it is about sensing, learning to feel with your eyes and co-creating.

Donna shares her revolutionary techniques of Paperization, Shapes-Shifting and learning to weave with synchronicity. Together we'll explore the shamanic roots of approaching the process of collage as a quest. Music and stories from Celtic, Native American and Aboriginal cultures will be used to help you tap into ancient ways of visioning.

Like many things in life Collage Quest is all about surrendering to the great Mystery. By trusting the process and the images that speak to your soul, your deepest yearnings are given a safe space to rise up, show themselves and be recognized.

Workshops are available for large business groups or small home gatherings. Collage Quest Workshops make a great birthday party event for young and old.

All materials are provided.

Human history is a collage of decisions...It is time for us to choose anew.

John Perkins