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Schedule a Reading with Donna from the Contact page. Readings are done via Skype or Google Plus via video calls.

Payment accepted via PayPal.

Using my one of kind Collage Quest deck of cards, I provide in depth co-creative intuitive readings. You come to a session with a topic or question where you would like Guidance. You present your request as you pull cards from my deck. Together we will weave your impressions of the cards chosen with my own stories about each individual card. Additionally I receive intuitive information regarding your topic or question which I share with you.

Collage Quest Readings are empowering. They teach you how to access your own innate wisdom when challenges arise. They also help you to connect with an ancient form of healing that many of our ancestors relied upon- the art of Storytelling. They can be done in person or long distance via Skype or Google Plus video calls.

Human history is a collage of decisions...It is time for us to choose anew.

John Perkins