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Donna Thompson is an artist, spiritual seeker and teacher who hails from the Catskill Mountains of New York. She grew up in a small town where both her mother and father were born and raised as were their mothers and fathers before them. She comes from a long line of farmers, quilters, singers and teachers.

Donna Thompson

Donna is the founder of Healing Interiors, a consulting practice specializing in creativity reconnection and space clearing for people's living and work environments. Healing Interiors is multi-disciplined approach to enjoying a healthy and balanced life which incorporates ancient wisdom of numerous sacred healing traditions from around the world including feng shui, space clearing, sacred geometry and aromatherapy.

Donna Thompson

The two constant areas of focus for all Donna's work with people are color and creativity. "For me life has always been all about color. Color is just the name of my game. It's my fuel, my fun, my medicine and my mentor. From Color I've learned that all true creativity is really co-creation between us and Spirit."

The primary tool in her Healing Interiors toolbox these days is Collage Quest. This is Donna's unique co-creative method of working with collage to access and remember who we are in a much larger, holistic sense. It began in 2002 with her making vision seed and dream board type collages for manifesting physical things such as funds to continue her education and travel. From there it rapidly evolved into collage as a form of transpersonal meditation.

Donna Thompson

Today, Donna has developed Collage Quest into a colorful, multi-layered and multi- dimensional form of facilitating transformation taught to others through workshops and shared in private readings. Collage Quest readings are co-creative in nature with active participation between the client, Donna's one-of-a-kind collage oracle deck containing over 80 cards, and the gentler realms of spiritual Guidance. Workshops are an exploration of the three main layers of questing with collage – Colors, Ceremonies and Dreams. We discover the possibilities for accessing deep parts of ourselves that we may have long forgotten existed by searching, cutting and pasting images together.

Donna has also embraced the call of Writer and published her first book - Collage Quest: Ancient Roots of Paper Co-Creations in November of 2015. Donna is a certified advanced Feng Shui and Sacred Space Clearing practitioner.

Among Donna’s teachers are Robert Moss, author of eleven books on dreams including the seminal Conscious Dreaming; Michael Rice, bioarchitect and sacred geometry adept; Evan Pritchard, Native American historian and author of Bird Medicine: The Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism; and Tom Cowan, author of Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit.

Donna incorporates her extensive holistic health expertise into all her Healing Interiors work. She is a Reiki Level II practitioner in the Usui tradition. Several other healing modalities have played key roles in Donna's own Healing Interiors journey, including acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy and yoga. She incorporates her knowledge about these alternative health approaches during her sessions with clients.

Donna holds a B.A. in Theater and Behavioral Science from SUNY Plattsburgh, NY. Besides her extensive work in the holistic and spiritual realms, she has worked in the fields of acting, arts administration, costume design, chiropractic healthcare, and interior design.

An elder of a More Light Presbyterian congregation, Donna is co-curator of the church's art gallery, facilitator of its Spirituality Group, and organizer of the church's knitting group known fondly as The Fringe.

She is a woman of many interests and passions, her greatest being cats, gardening, bird watching, singing, dancing, eating Indian and Thai food, creating beaded jewelry and, of course, collage!

Donna's latest adventure with husband, Jonathan Donald, is becoming the steward of an old farm in Nova Scotia.

Donna Thompson  
The owl begins with an image of something she would like to bring into being; she lives on the cutting edge of creativity...In taking this creative path, she transcends problems by reaching beyond them.
Frank Rivers
The Way of the Owl