Healing Interiors is a holistic approach for harmonizing interior spaces.

The focus of this work is three-fold:

  • To help reconnect more fully to your innate creativity.
  • To clarify the intention and expression of your physical space.
  • To aid and uplift the energetic flow of all your interior spaces.

Healing Interiors techniques are ancient and cutting edge, instinctive and practical, healthy and pleasing. Most of all they are empowering!

When the physical structures around you truly reflect who you are as a unique and creative individual, your life begins to unfold in passionate, powerful and synchronistic ways.

Sacred Space Collage Card

Yet it is when judgment ceases that healing occurs...
there is no order of difficulty in healing.

A Course In Miracles
Foundation For Inner Peace

Donna Thompson is the co-creator of Healing Interiors. She is a noted artist, teacher and the visionary author of Collage Quest.

Collage Quest cover

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Healing Interiors Philosophy

  • Peace on Earth begins at Home.
  • Everything is composed of energy or chi.
  • All structures are like a suite of clothes around the body.
  • Creativity is our sacred birthright.
  • Each building has feelings and a soul.